UkrSEPRO Hijven (Hygienic Report)

The so-called hygienically relevant indicators constitute a separate group of safety indices. They are relevant for food products, preservatives, materials and goods made out of them that come into contact with food products., perfumery and cosmetic products, textile, sewing and jersey materials containing chemical fibres, certain items of machine-building industry and a number of other industrial goods.

The certification procedure of products whose quality to a considerable extent is shaped by hygienically relevant indicators foresees obtaining a hygienic report.

Hygienic report is a document issued in evidence of a permit given by bodies and institutions under the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control in the RF Health Ministry for production or import of goods consistent with statutory requirements. A hygienic report is an official conformation that products are safe for human health provided certain conditions are met.

Hygienic reports are issued by bodies of the state sanitary and epidemiological service of the Russian Federation upon consultation of normative documents, launch of new products or conclusion of contracts to purchase products abroad. A reason to support issuance of a hygienic report is provided by results of hygienic assessment of products and examination of appropriate normative acts, their production and use. Such reason for imported products rests on evaluation of a safety certificate provided by an importer-country and results obtaining during tests of products performed in Russia.

Products to be realized only if a hygienic report is available undergo certification provided hygienic reports are obtained for them.