Radio Frequency Approval

As for electric equipment within the group called “means of communications”, the certification procedure has some important specifics. The differences with the certification of the means of communications in Ukraine are stipulated by the laws of Ukraine “On telecommunications” (No. 1280-IV dated 18.11.03) and “On radiofrequency resource of Ukraine” (No. 1770-III dated 01.06.00).

RES permission

The telecommunication means may be certified only by the certification bodies that are authorized to carry out such activity under order of the Transport and Communications Ministry of Ukraine, and radio-electronic means additionally by consent of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine (NKRS)).

Prior to filing the certification application for the radio-electronic means, the applicant must apply to the NKRS to confirm their usability in Ukraine and to enter such means into the Register of Radio-Electronic Means and Emitting Devices That May Be Used in the Territory of Ukraine in Public Radiofrequency Broadband”. The certification application then must be endorsed by the NKRS, and only after that it is filed with the certification body.
To obtain a permit for the radio-electronic means, the following documents are to be submitted:
• The application on a proper form;
• Copy of the taxpayer registration certificate;
• Copies of certificates of conformity.