TR 7 technical regulations come into force later this year

The Customs Union made 24 new technical regulations, 7 of them will come into force in 2012.

15 projects of technical regulations are in the process of internal coordination and seven completed a public discussion. “The work being done on the development of technical regulations – it is a progressive way. We go out on a single document, uniform conformity assessment procedures, this process involves all of the services – Gosstandart, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, concerns. Requirements that are currently being implemented in the Customs Union including sanitary, veterinary, state standards are quite high. And most of our companies ensure compliance with these requirements, “- said the chairman of the State Standardization Committee of Belarus V.Nazarenko.

The introduction of technical regulations of the Customs Union will remove artificial barriers in the supply of goods and admission to the market. “We hope that our colleagues from other CIS countries will examine closely the experience of the Customs Union, and also connect us to go to the common rules, common documents and requirements. This will provide in the safety of products, promote open competition” – the chairman of the State Standard.