Technical regulations of the low-voltage equipment

The federal agency of technical regulation and metrology has published the letter which explains the procedure of application Technical regulations about safety of the low-voltage equipment.

The document will start to operate in December, 2010.

The letter was prepared, because of numerous references from professional associations of European business, such as Associations of manufacturers and the trading companies of electro household and computer techniques and other interested parties.

The document contains:

  • scope of new technical regulations
  • the object of regulation, according to technical regulations
  • Requirements to production marks
  • The country-manufacturer

Acknowledgement of conformity of the low-voltage equipment according to technical regulations is declaring.Certificates of conformity which have been given out before coming into force ТR, will operate before the termination of the term.

But the declarations accepted for this production also till the moment of coming into force of technical regulations, will be considered not as the valid.

In this connection Rostehregulirovanie recommends to foreign suppliers of the low-voltage equipment, for production which release is planned for the period after coming into force ТР, to begin preparation for declaring on conformity in advance.