Moldova wants to join the Customs Union

In November, Moldova could be held the referendum on accession of Moldova to the Customs Union. With this initiative was the Social Democratic Party of the Republic.

Prior to that, the idea of ​​joining the Customs Union of Moldova was supported by the party “Patriots of Moldova”, after the accession encouraged other community organizations and political parties. According to surveys, the respondents also supported the politicians.

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Moldova V.Shelin previously stated that “upon entry into the Customs Union of Moldova lives of citizens of the republic would be better, but the younger generation of the country will receive future economic development in the East and create a European standard of living in Moldova”.

The initiators of the referendum argue that it is primarily focused on the interests of the representatives of the trade sector, as in the Customs Union of Moldovan entrepreneurs are always able to buy cheaper selling price. In addition to the revised steel TC ‘freedom of movement of people, common energy and transport systems, languages ​​spoken, the stocks of raw materials and markets. ”

On appeal of the idea and said the president of Transdniestria E. Shevchuk: “Only by combining the economic potential of the CIS countries can adequately respond to new risks of economic instability in the XXI century”.