Imnex Group (Transport) Gelders Air (Transport)
For all modes of transport to, from and in Russia and Ukraine.
Our offices in Holland and St Petersburg are waiting to create your logistic solution!
Transport to Russia throught the air, sea and over the road?
Gelders Forwarding!

Juridical Advice

Juralink is a Dutch office specialized in giving juridical advise about Russia.

Group companies

Mavitec Mavitec Green Energy Variopool
Mavitec is specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality process systems and equipment for the ‘rendering’ industry. Mavitec Green Energy is specialized in designing and producing recycling systems, for processing organic co-product streams from the food industry and agriculture sector, with its activities in the industrial market worldwide. Variopool is specialized in design, delivery, installation and maintenance of movable swimming pool floors and bulkheads.