Kazakhstan intends to join the Customs Union.

Kazakhstan intends to join the Customs Union.
The Eurasian Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) has recently started to consider the application of Kazakhstan to join the Customs Union. For information about this published 29th of February by Russian Internet media, referring to the Minister of Trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission for Andrei Slepnev.
“It was agreed that a working group is initiated for the inclusion of Kazakhstan in de Customs Union. However, this work is now in the beginning. “- said Andrei Slepnev.

“At the same time, there is an understanding that this road should pass, since the Customs Union was formed as part of the Eurasian Economic Community (EEC), and is a member of the CD.”

“Eurasian Economic Community was created originally for the purpose of forming the Customs Union. In this regard, the application of Kazakhstan is a consistent step towards this goal “, – said Andrei Slepnev.

Recall that official Bishkek announced his intention to join the Customs Union and the preparation of the whole procedure of entry into it, which is today a member of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, in the spring of last year.