Declaration of Conformity Customs Union

Russia’s internal regulations and certification systems are gradually replaced by the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR).
New Regulations are tightening the requirements for product quality and system of control. Now with certification of imported products to the territory of the CU the applicant can only be a resident of the country of that territory. This applies to the declaration of compliance of imported products of mass production.
Also, new regulations require certification of products unveiled
activities such as the obligatory departure for production to its analysis and implementation of periodic inspection control of production.

for foreign manufacturing company, delivering products
to Russia?
To comply with new technical regulations foreign company are obliged to organize a branch in Russia – a legal person, resident of the Russian Federation – which will carry out the importation and certification of products and be responsible for its quality.
For a large international company that is not a problem.
But for the medium and small companies that would require large financial costs – for the maintenance of the branch, payment certification activities (analysis of production and inspection control).
Especially difficult will be the position of the companies, who bring in small amounts of Russian goods. For example, suppliers of industrial equipment in single units to perform warranty. The need to carry a lot of overhead costs of the branch and certification activities will make such a small supply of extremely unprofitable.

How to deal with this situation?
Now many companies that supply products to Russia, in order to minimize their financial costs – not quite legal (“gray”) -, apply different clearance schemes. This entails the risk of conflict with the law. Especially considering that the fight against such schemes in Russia is constantly increasing.
The best solution for this situation which will allow companies to import their products in Russia is legal without violating of the Russian law and in compliance with all the requirements of technical regulations, and save considerable funds.

Sercons Europe OFFERS a solution
A residents inside the Russian Federation through our company.
1. Economy funds:
no need to open Russia your own branch office in Russia.
No need to pay for the rental and maintenance of office, to keep accounts, to remunerate staff.
2. Financial savings on Product certification
There is no need to incur the costs of paying visits of experts to analyze the production and periodic surveillance.
3. legal activity, no problems with the law
Our branch officially imports products to Russia, holds its customs clearance takes custody products. Eliminates the need for importation of illegal schemes that were in conflict with the law, reduced logistics costs.
4. Facilitated the fight against counterfeit products
No one else has the right to import goods into the territory of the Russian Federation under the TM data. This makes it possible to efficiently track and prevent attempts to import counterfeit goods. This increases the profit of the company and the manufacturer from selling legal goods.
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Such cooperation is expected on the basis of mutually agreed upon monthly/yearly payment.