Customs Union Certificate of Conformity

There is a new movement going on in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. These countries are now working towards a Customs Union. This started with the Eurasec (Eurasian Economic Community). Eurasec was formed by five of the CIS countries. In July 2010 Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus decided to form a Customs Union (CU). They wanted to introduce free movement of goods. In Europe this process took over 30 years to unionize all the countries. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus want to do this within a few years.

They already introduced:
“ Customs Union certificate of Conformity with National Standards”.

On the first of January of 2012 they want to introduce:
“ Customs Union certificate of Conformity with Customs Unions Technical Regulations”.

The Customs Union has already introduced a list of products that need to have the Customs Unions certificate. This is a preliminary list, the final list will be published in December 2011.

As you can see in a previous blog, Sercons Europe is already accredited for the Customs Union Certification.

Question & Answer:

  • What is the definitive list of product for Customs Unions?

This is not known.

  • Will all certificates become invalid with the introduction of the Customs Union certificate?

We think that the Gost R certificates that are now replaced by the Technical Regulations will become invalid. You can always check with our company if your certificate becomes invalid.

  • When will it be possible to obtain a Customs Unions certificate?

This is already possible for a small number of products. We still do not know when we know more, but probably in December 2011.