RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use

The RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use (former GGTN) can be compared with the Nuisance Act permit. With one of the Export certificates a company can export to Russia, but the initial operation has to wait until the RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use is issued.

The RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use is required for potentially dangerous technologies or material. The RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use can only be issued by the Federal Service for Technological, Environmental and Nuclear Supervision in Moscow.

The RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use is always the last certificate issued. First, if required, the supporting certificates of the export certificates need to be issued:

  • Fire safety certificate
  • State Registration/ Hygienic Report
  • Pattern Approval/ Metrology Certificate

If the first route is finished then one or more of the export certificates need to be issued:

  • Gost R Certificate of Conformity
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • TR Technical Regulations “Certificate of Conformity”
  • TR Technical Regulations Customs Union certificate of conformity
  • Gost R Ex Proof Certificate of Conformity

If these certificates are available then Sercons can request the RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use.

The valid period of the RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use could be:

  • Single shipment
  • Serial shipment for 5 year

Examples of products that require a RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Gas burners
  • Heat exchangers
  • Industrial installations

We can prepare a quote for you based on the following information:

  • A completed application-form (download below)
  • Product Catalogue (description and pictures of the product)

List of documents which shall be submitted in Russian for the RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use:
1. Catalogue and other information about company for all types of declared products
2. Company information ( trade name, mail and official addresses, bank accounts, telephone, fax, Family name and first name of statutory representative, addresses of branches)
3. List of the previous deliveries of producer to Russia (if that’s the case)
4. Technical description of the applied products, instruction manual, installing manual (in Russian language)
– Instruction for adjusting, general,
– Instruction for accessories (if applicable)
– Technical specification of supporting equipment( if any)
Safety accessories, lifting devices etc.
– Calculation for pressure vessels
5. Working drawings with matching specifications ( in Russian)
6. For present electrical equipment is needed electrics drawings and diagrams, power and control circuits (indication of colors of conductors)
7. Copies for Certificates of equipment which are included in the complex delivery and which confirm Conformity with requirements for operational safety or similar documents (Conformity Declarations, Ex Certificates etc.)
8. Passport for the products according to the safety rules of Russia
9. Test reports from the factory + methodology of testing(translated) and/ or 11)
10. Test reports from independent foreign laboratories (not Russian laboratory)
11. Copy of GOST R Certificate + test report for GOST R Certification (if you order in our company , we can provide them)

Sercons Europe can also make you an offer for the translation of documents.