Pattern approval for measuring instruments (Metrology Certificate)

Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate) of measuring instruments states that the state guaranties, that this particular piece of measuring equipment can take measurements within a specific margin of error.

The Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate) of measuring instruments has to be issued before we can issue a Export Certificate.
This concerns the following export certificates:

  • Gost R Certificate of Conformity
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • TR Technical Regulations “Certificate of Conformity”
  • TR Technical Regulations Customs Union Certificate of Conformity
  • Gost R Ex Proof Certificate of Conformity

Validity periods of the Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate)

  • Single shipment
  • Serial shipment for 5 year

Examples of products that require a Pattern approval Metrology Certificate

  • Gas detectors or meters
  • Scales for supermarkets
  • Pressure meters

We can prepare a quote for you based on the following information:

  • A completed application-form (download below)
  • Product Catalogue (description and pictures of the product)

List of documents which must be submitted in Russian for the Pattern Approval Metrology Certificate:
1. Sample for each certificate
2. Russian translated manuals with all parameters
3. Electrical schemes for electrical equipment
4. Earlier obtained quality/test certificates (Gost R for example)
5. Company profile
6. Sample of the product

Sercons Europe can make you an offer for the translation of these documents.