Central currency for Customs Union?

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Guryanov said that “the introduction of the single currency in the Customs Union is possible provided a deeper integration of its member countries.”

According to the deputy minister, is a question of medium-or long-term perspective, when the country’s vehicle will move to a deeper level of integration. In this case it is not necessary that the single currency will be the Russian ruble. It is likely that this will be a different currency. “It could be the Russian ruble, and may not be when the time comes and will issue a single currency might be invented a new currency,” – he said.

“We have this issue has not yet discussed, and at the political level, it was indicated that the introduction of the single currency – is a distant prospect”, – explained A.Guryanov. To introduce the single currency, you must first equalize economic conditions in the countries of the Customs Union.

On the whole, Belarus considers the discussion on the introduction of a common currency with Russia to be premature, although it supports the idea.

Discuss this subject is premature, but refuse to consider such a prospect as a whole – is short-sighted “- added, in turn, Head of Information – spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh