Declaration of Conformity Customs Union

NEW LEGISLATION Russia’s internal regulations and certification systems are gradually replaced by the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR). New Regulations are tightening the requirements for product quality and system of control. Now with certification of imported products to the territory of the CU the applicant can only be a resident of the […]

Differences between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus

Below you will find the characteristics of the countries and you will see how they differ.


Extremely bureaucratic Most complicated customs legislation Too many rules & regulations Permanent changes in legislation Variety of administration practices Permanent administrative pressure on business AEO legislation package is not finalized, business is concerned Electronic declaration now – 68% […]

Conditions for succesful customs clearance

Export to Russia can be a burden for most companies. This checklist below wil helps you to not forget anything anymore!

1. Invoice, packing list, waybill 2. Copy sales contract with specification related to the shipment 3. Passport of transaction (currency control) 4. Shipping invoice and packing list translated into Russian 5. Documented proof for […]