Sercons Europe, your partner for Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstanian certification welcomes you on our website!

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, more than 70% of all products, which are sold and consumed in Russia, require obligatory certification. Today 30 federal laws regulate obligatory certification. Your products must comply with these standards. These standards are not the same as the European or international standards. We offer the following certificates for the corresponding countries:

Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan
-Gost R “Certificate of Conformity
-Declaration of Conformity
-TR Technical Regulations “Certificate of Conformity”
-TR Technical Regulations Customs Union Certificate of Conformity
-Gost R Ex Proof Certificate of Conformity
-Letter of Refusal
-Hygienic Report/ State Registration
-Fire Safety Certificate
-RTN Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use
-Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate)
-UkrSepro Certificate of Conformity
-UkrSepro Hijven
-Ukr Fire Safety Certificate
-GGTN Gosgorpromnadzor Approval
-Medical Approval
-Radio Frequency Approval
-Approval for Measuring
-Gost K Certificate of Conformity
-GGTN K (Gosgortechnadzor)
-Technical Passport